Privacy Policy

Welcome to our Privacy Policy!

Your privacy is important to us. 

Collection of Information

When purchasing we will be taking note of:

·contact information including: name; address; phone number; email address

·purchase and/or payment information including: credit card or similar payment information that you intend to purchase with; billing and delivery address

·information about your purchases including: the goods purchased and how many

Use of Personal Data

We collect and use your personal information for the following purposes:

·providing customer service support, such as responding to your queries, feedback and managing claims and/or disputes

·providing/supporting general Platform services, facilitating communication between Buyers and Sellers, processing transactions and payments, assessing advance withdrawal requests from Sellers and providing logistics and delivery services

·supporting Buyer and/or Seller clearance declarations / applications where made via the Platform

·verifying your identity and purchases in connection with product warranty or other after-sales claims

·assessing and monitoring account security and transaction risks of Buyers and Sellers, such as detecting and preventing fraud, money laundering and other security incidents

If you have any other questions about the privacy policy, feel free to contact us.